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HAP Python Remote Debugger

This is the sourceforge homepage for the HAP Python Remote Debugger.

The HAP (Humongous Addition to Python) Python Remote Debugger was created as a few people at Humongous Entertainment began using Python and it became clear that none of the available debuggers would fit our needs. We were going to be using Python in a few ways that made existing debuggers less than ideal:
  • full screen mode
  • multi threading
  • developers without extensive software development experience
  • debugging for Windows, Macintosh and other platforms.
  • After initial experiments revealed that it would be possible to make our own debugger, we started really liking how it was turning out. Ultimately, we decided that it would be a good chance to give something back to the Python community so we released the project as an open source project.

    The debugger is made up of two applications: DbgRemote is the editor and IDE, ConsoleEmbed is the remote debugging host - it runs the python script and communicates to the IDE via a network socket. The idea was that the ConsoleEmbed application would be ported to any platforms that we needed to support while the DbgRemote app would be maintained only on the windows platform. This way we could use a single debugging interface to debug our python applications regardless of what platform we were running them on. This two piece approach also allowed us to break into running python code in a more elegant way than possible in the standard python debuggers.

    Most of the functionality of the editor comes from the outstanding Scintilla control. Neil Hodgson created an excellent control that handles nearly every aspect of source code editing more information can be found here.

    The software is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License

    We hope that you find this project useful. If you have comments or suggestions, please write in - the developers mailing list on hapdebugger project page is one way, or email project admin.

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